WNBA - More Than Game

What would it look like to showcase the dynamism of the WNBA? The skill and guile of 12 teams and 144 players, all showcasing their desire to compete at the highest level. Billed as a ‘metropolis of more’, BBH approached Mayda to capture the league’s tenacity, playfulness and sense of sisterhood, all within thirty seconds. The result is a dynamic mixed-media film featuring WNBA superstar A’ja Wilson that blends CG, archival and live-action footage.

Director Anton Shavkero’s brought his trademark visual style and utilized 3D scans to create A’ja’s digital avatar, which was combined with live-action plates and archival footage to create a film that takes the viewer on a journey between the purpose-built multiverse WNBA and the IRL WNBA, giving a unique dual court-side and in-game experience.