Wetness At Breakfast - Soho House

Have you ever thought of yourself as being cousin to a fish?

The relationship is there, scientists believe. Our ears developed from gill slits and our blood has the same proportion of salt as sea-water. These two facts among many other seem to show that all earth animals – and that includes you and me- once had ancestors living in the water.

For Gourmet Bathing, Bompas & Parr collaborated with the catering team at Shoreditch House to curate a luxurious early breakfast in the Shoreditch House pool. The breakfast featured a float-up bar with resident merman bartender shaking cerulian cocktails, sub-aquatic music from Will Rixon and his Aquamelodians, a ‘wet dude’ competition, menu artwork from Tom Sewell and gustatory delights from the kitchen. Participants earned themselves a specially created Gourmet Bathing swimming badge to commemorate their breakfast in the pool.