Vogue // Future Perfect

FUTURE PERFECT, a story created with hairstylist Neil Moodie.

A story inspired by one of my idols, Richard Avedon. Specifically his story, “Two Girls in Paris, The Twig and the Tree” . I often look back on this story created with Diana Vreeland for VOGUE’s March 1968 issue. It strikes us now as being the epitome of the 1960s but when it was created Avedon and Vreeland had their gaze set firmly on the future. Their own idealised version of the future, and that is the spirit that inspired us. Creating something new and special.

We hope you enjoy…

The Twig and the Tree blossom and bear strange exotic fruits. Avedon’s pioneering 60s spirit and Vreeland’s love of quirky and unusual beauties that broke the mould and set new beauty standards, inspires a portfolio of beauty images that look to the future, as they both did. New shapes and colours defy norms and break away from what came before to take centre stage and grab their moment in the sun.

– Nuno Da Costa