Concept Store Creative Direction, Design


Located on Bowery Street in New York, Reebok’s first concept store was inspired from Vorticism, an English arts movement from the early 20th century noted for its dynamic interpretation of Cubist and Futurist principles. Combining Vorticism’s vibrant aesthetic with an assortment of cultural cues ranging from Purple Rain to Miami Vice, Flash Dance to Thriller, we sought to capture the pop spirit of the 80s, at a time when Reebok was defining the aesthetic of the decade with colorful geometry and vibrant optimism.

The design of the space plays with the sense of depth and perspective, tricking the eye by extending three dimensional shapes into distorted graphic patterns, a camouflaging technique reminiscent of the Royal Navy’s dazzle ship graphics from the First World War. Our intent was to provoke and perhaps confound visitors by making them feel as if they are stepping into a print rather than a store.