Playground Love

The title of the song by the famous French music group Air is just the beginning for Michela Picchi in the creation of her artwork. Playground Love becomes just that – a space of play and love, where all the creativity and aesthetics of the artist are expressed. Large resonating spheres almost entirely occupy the space, immersed in the colours and distinctive graphic research characteristic of Michela Picchi’s production. At the room’s edges, four giant tigers act as benevolent guardians of the space and the spectators’ interaction. The artist intends to bring back the lightness typical of childhood, often associated with the act of play. There is a surprising rediscovery of childlike innocence and awe in the giant dimensions of each present element. Every spectator is free to interpret the artwork based on the emotional state it represents and evokes in those who actively live and interact with it. Undoubtedly, the theme of enjoyment fulfils a fundamental role in the interpretative and cognitive process of the artwork itself, offering a playful perspective inherently linked to the audience’s experience.