Vogue // NDC X Jason Duzansky “Gruau”

If Vogue’s 20th anniversary were a series of advertisements, it seems appropriate that they were something with the refinement and sophistication of vintage features like these, which pay homage to the emblematic René Gruau (1909-2004).

The Italian illustrator forever changed the way fashion is communicated, when he put his sketches at the service of big fashion houses and magazines, in the 40s and 50s, who couldn’t get enough of his sketches to “sell” the trending design, namely the Haute Couture silhouettes.

Today, it is “our very own” Nuno da Costa, and creative director Jason Duzansky, who color this tribute in their own signature lines, writing in this story, entitled Gru-Oh! The Art of Fashion, a message that is bigger than just a wink to master Gruau: art is not only in museums, it is also on the pages of magazines. In fact, the magazines themselves are a work of art. Framing is optional.