Dive into a world where creativity collides with the essence of leadership! Megalomaniacs, an electrifying game adorned with the masterful illustration of Emiliano Ponzi. 

Who is a role model in 2023? What characteristics are we looking for in leadership today? How will our children know who to trust when honesty and integrity are invisible amongst the majority of our leadership today. In an era defined by complex global challenges, “Megalomaniacs” serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions about the values that should guide our leaders and our societies. Whether played with friends, family, or colleagues, it fosters engaging conversations about the importance of altruism, truth, and modesty in shaping a better world.

Ponzi’s en point portraits enrich every move, prompting reflections on altruism, truth, and modesty. Gather friends, family, or colleagues for a gaming experience that enlightens as much as it entertains.