In early 2022, Spot Studio and LOEHR, the Berlin-based furniture design studio, embarked on a collaborative journey. This partnership gave rise to three CGI films, showcasing three of LOEHR’s furniture pieces. Both studios’ expertise merged to create this project, seeking to redefine design and spatiality by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. As part of this collaboration, Spot Studio’s new headquarters were thoughtfully furnished with LOEHR’s creations, resulting in a unique and thoughtful working space. You can see the whole case study here.

The Films

The mission of the series of films was to contextualize the products in a way they had never been shown before. We sought to craft a distinct visual world for each of the films, transporting viewers to dreamy and surreal spaces, and making the furniture pieces interact with alien-like landscapes. By accentuating the radical design language and meticulous craftsmanship, the CGI films bring out the essence of each piece.​​​​​​​We tested a range of landscapes and formations at different scales. From desert dunes to sculptural rocks, this became a pivotal element that ties the films together. We then worked to create intrigue within the scene, maintaining both depth, texture and detail for wide and macro shots.


The BASIL table embraces simplicity with its archaic design principle. Two identical surfaces form the cross frame, either a square or a circle, offering a timeless and versatile design. 


A functional and minimalistic accessory, the COURT tray captivates with its thin sheet steel construction. The elevated box shape features extended sides that form runners, enhancing grip and ergonomics.


Loehr’s JAZZ dining chair takes a refreshingly off-beat approach, with a concentric construction principle that sets the stage for a more free design language.​​​​​​​


Together with LOEHR, we took this collaboration to the next level with a studio exhibition. Spot Studio’s space was transformed into an immersive video installation, showcasing the animated films. Alongside the films, visitors had the opportunity to experience the furniture pieces in person, blurring the lines between the virtual and the physical world.