Concept, Creative Direction, Curating, Production


For the launch of their new Sedan 460 LS, Lexus commissioned Formavision to create a nomadic art installation that traveled to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. We called the traveling gallery “460 Degrees Gallery” and the exhibition “Light & Speed.”

The high degree of technological sophistication and comfort offered in today’s finest automobiles creates a strong degree of symbiosis between men and machines. As in the case of the new Lexus 460, the driving experience has become so smooth, fluid and experience-centered that drivers perceive their cars as extensions of themselves, transforming the driving experience into a mental voyage performed without moving. “Light & Speed” showcased the works of three international artists, Miranda Lichtenstein, Pascual Sisto and Arne Quinze, whose works deal with this topic.

The Light & Speed touring exhibition was organized with the support of the Whitney Museum of American Arts.  

“To gain insight into the car’s target demographic, we did extensive market research, looking for areas of personal interest beyond luxury goods. Art and culture figured prominently. We wanted to work with someone from the art world who also understood corporate and turned to Formavision,” Brian Bolain, Lexus Marketing Director as interviewed in I.D. Magazine, “This is How We Bankroll.”