Google x Nissan 'Lofi'

How do you create a branded experience that is culturally-relevant, blends advertising with entertainment and authentically connects an ambitious car manufacturer with a Millennial audience? That’s that creative challenge Mayda joined forces with Google to answer for Nissan and the launch of its all-new electric vehicle, the ARIYA.

Powered by Google Analytics and the insight of the insanely successful LoFi beats channels, Mayda devised, designed and delivered a four-hour lofi music video to showcase the Nissan ARIYA’s sleek interior design, technology-forward features and calm, zen-like driver experience.

Drawing from Nissan’s Japanese heritage and inspired by its famous ‘anime’ animation style, Mayda’s animation collective Titmouse developed a look and feel that honored that illustrative aesthetic, carefully crafting our hero’s journey through dreamlike landscapes, futuristic cities and setting suns. We loved the invitation to be playful and include various ‘easter egg’ moments throughout the film, to pay artistic homage to the Japanese-inspired culture of the world we created.​

The impact of the work has been incredible, drawing more than sixteen million views since launch, this piece of branded content is a model for how The Mayda Creative Co. can develop breakthrough creative content that helps brands meet their audiences where they are.

“This is exactly the kind of creative challenge we love; figuring out how to meet an audience where they are by crafting culturally relevant content.”

– Ben Smith, ECD, The Mayda Creative Co.