Sculpture & Painting Commission, Exhibition Design


The exhibition plays on how we see color, for it is impossible for our eyes to simultaneously detect pure green and pure red: it is one or the other. The installation graduates from red to green, creating the ultimate contrast. Sebastien called his installation Geochrom, as in “geo” (the earth) and “chrom” (colors). It explores the geological structure of emeralds and rubies with two paintings inspired by geology, two large glass pendants pierced by with LED tubes, and a sound sculpture.

Gemfields’ director of marketing and communications, Emily Dungey, comments: “Gemfields is partnering with the fashion and art worlds, opening up new audiences to consider colored gemstones and the stories involved in their discovery at Gemfields’ mines in å. The collaboration with Sebastien Leon is a perfect example of this. His study into the depths of gemstone color provides a fascinating take on these marvels of nature.”