Forged in Chaos

A Vimeo Staff-selected short “docu poem” that showcase Rob’s and Josiah’s journey of discovering and embracing their LGBTQ identity while navigating societal expectations.

The digital artwork was created by artist Jonas Ersland, with an NFT component being released.

Patricia Gloum, filmmaker and co-founder of Braw, met dancer Robert Jamie Mason three years ago and filmed a pro LGBTQ passion dance project, “Do U for U”. Fast forward to today, they are doing another art piece together, a docu-poem-experimental short. An interesting mix of genres. Rob, a former ballet dancer from Juilliard NYC dance school, narrates a poem inspired by his life as he is having a conversation with Josiah Martinez-Wade, his adopted son in the LGBTQ ballroom Voguing scene. Rob, 21 years old, and Josiah, 19 years old, adopt each other to survive in NYC, a common practice for people in their age. This is Rob’s way of forming his own family.