40 x 19.5 x 30 cm
Bronze Sculpture
Edition of 16

Empire is Faith’s first Bronze sculpture and marks a new direction in her work towards the 3-dimensional.
Further exploring the horse as a metaphor.
Examining the discrepancy between it’s physical power and subservience,
Becoming an archetypal symbol for notions of human power struggles,
for the horror of war, nationalism and blind loyalty to leadership.
A powerful animal subjugated by humankind.
Inescapably majestic and elegant, powerfully muscular in form, with an innate nobility.
This beast bears the weight of our projected nationalism and patriotism,
upholding statues of oppressive statesmen and war “heroes”.
Historically, these were the creatures men took to war,
to fight and die alongside them with unrelenting loyalty.
Yet dignified with it’s own sense of agency, independent from human quests.