NFT Artist, Bionic Pop Artist, Creative Director, Futurist, Strategist

Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop artist, entrepreneur, and creative director. Currently living in Los Angeles, she has established herself as a recording artist and a creative leader, connector, and innovator in the post-disability community— bridging pop culture and art with academia, medicine, and brands in hyper collaborative multimedia productions.

Viktoria first stepped onto the global stage with her perennially viral music/art video: Prototype. Tallying hundreds of millions of views across the internet & television, her arresting post-disability design and sound introduced Viktoria as the world’s first Bionic Pop Artist. She is most known for her hyper-stylized performances across the globe, such as the closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics, Super Bowl 2022, Miami Art Basel and her sold-out residency at the iconic Crazy Horse Paris cabaret, constantly pushing art and inclusivity forward in entertainment.

Her work with brands spans from ambassadorship to fully involved art direction, team curation, strategy, and production—executed via a co-founded creative studio: Modestar, specializing in the acceleration of future-focused narrative for heritage brands, adaptive design & tech innovation sector while bringing a post disability perspective. Some of her key past clients include Rolls Royce, GM, Intel, Snap, Veuve Clicquot, Autodesk, and Pangaia.

Creative Direction, Music Arrangement

An MIT Media Lab Fellow of 6 years and a member of the Young European Leaders program, Viktoria continuously explores the impact of technology and inclusive design on the future of human lifestyle and culture. Her life story has been recognized around the world as a testament of human strength and a transformative approach to modern identity. Barack Obama chose Viktoria to profile for his guest-edited WIRED magazine issue, and she has recently been selected as an ambassador and space trainee the first-ever inclusive space program ‘Mission Astro Access’.

She has become a household name amongst the digital renaissance of futurist artists – working across crypto art, digital fashion, and virtual identity. Her genesis drop of the legendary ‘Spike Dance’ was collected as the first NFT by 3FMusic, followed by a mix of Sci-fi IRL photography and 3D artworks with artists such as Ninosence, Pandagunda, Katie McIntyre, Auroboros, and DressX. Viktoria featured in two TIMEPieces NFT drops, debuting her avatar and has recently released an experimental day to night changing NFT on Cardano, blurring the lines between digital fashion, body architecture, and fantasy identity.

Creative Director, Stylist, Body Architect

Viktoria Modesta explains, “A huge change is underway, the waves are parting at the core of society to make room for acceptance of people like myself. An understanding that human value cannot be limited to the physical body, it is the evolution of ideas with diverse minds that can get us through to the next challenges we face on this planet. Technology can no only help us break the physical barriers of ability but create an equal playing field not governed by centuries of perspective and attitude. As we all expand our identity into the unseen realm of metaverse I hope it it prompts a deeper connection with our true selves and our humanity. Realize your personal power and make art and technology a language that you are fluent in!”