NFT Artist


Established in 2004 at the age of 18, NoPattern Studio, Managed by YMU, is the Chicago-based practice of artist, designer, photographer and creative director Chuck Anderson. Known for his surreal use of color & light, pioneering juxtapositions of traditional & digital mediums and endless experimentation, Chuck’s work has become highly sought-after by a wide spectrum of brands and collectors. In 2010 at age 25 he was named a ‘Design Icon’ by Computer Arts Magazine and now 35, Anderson’s client list includes ESPN, Apple, Nike, Microsoft, New York Times, Vans, Target, Burton, and the Chicago Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox. Anderson’s piece ‘Places You Can’t Imagine’ has been widely circulated on the internet for years, leaving him often uncredited. With emergence of NFTs, it has allowed him to regain ownership of the piece and really start to delve into the exploration of his own personal work. Most recently he collaborated with Joshua Davis aka praystation for their series titled ‘INFINITE PRESSURE’. With an outstanding grasp on the use of color and boundless desire to explore what is possible within digital programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, this is just the start for Chuck Anderson.