NFT Artist

Maciej Kuciara NFT

Maciej Kuciara, managed by YMU, is a Polish digital artist and director who made his professional debut in 2004. Over the past two decades Maciej has established his artistic style and process, merging cutting edge 3D graphics with traditional art and animation aesthetics that result in a unique visual experience. 

His innovative approach to artistic medium expressed both in his works and educational materials have led a new wave of artistic styles that quickly became mainstream in the entertainment industry. As a self taught artist who grew up ‘Behind the Iron Curtain’, Maciej brought unique visual styles that defined world renowned and award winning franchises in film, video games, Space and technology industries. His concept art helped build the visual identity of projects such as Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell, Spiderman: No Way Home, The Last of Us, Captain America Civil War, and Avengers movies.

In 2021, Maciej broke into the NFT scene with a Steve Aoki collaboration that reimagined the imagery of Aoki’s iconic Neon Future. He went on to release several works with LGND and was featured in their show at Art Basel. Maciej finished last year with the sale of his piece AWAKE at Christie’s. The work is one of the first of its kind and changes based on geo location, with the time of day.