Multi-Disciplinary Artist


Liberty’s journey as an artist began on the streets of South Africa in 1997, as a young graffiti writer known as Faith47.
She rose to prominence on the international street art scene before becoming widely recognized for her multidisciplinary artistic practice.

Monumental and intimate, private and public, her artwork takes the form of murals, sculptures, video installations, tapestries and drawings.

Deconstructing notions of value and place, investigating forms of domination, she explores the shapes of human perception.
In quest of the divine, she expresses a longing for a deeper connection to the wisdoms of the natural world.

There is too the active investigation and questioning of the human condition, its deviant histories and our own inherent existential search.

She has shown at the Musée des Beaux-arts In Nancy, France, the Calais Museum of Fine Art, the Bernard Magrez Foundation in France, Mana Contemporary and the Brooklyn Museum, both in the USA.